We are a wood turning lathe company, based in South Africa.

The two machines, Tornado and Twister, have been developed over 15 years and have been selling well in South Africa.

Please contact us for more information and a price list.


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  1. Turning capacity between centers - 1.2 meters
  2. Maximum turning capacity, with copy attachment - 200mm OD
  3. 1.5 kW single phase or 3 phase motor
  4. Standard with face plate and hand chisel rest
  5. Fitted with center steady bearing with OD 80mm
  6. Fitted with pre-cutter and profile cutter
  7. Cutting knife - standard 12mm
  8. Easy turning speed adjustment

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  1. Turning capacity between centers - 1.2 meters
  2. Left hand and right hand spiraling
  3. Spirals can be lengthened or shortened from 96mm up to 360mm
  4. Indexing for fluting and spiraling, in divisions of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, & 24
  5. Maximum turning capacity - 200mm OD

  6. Fluting, aconvex and aconcave (Tulip Flute)
  7. Machines are standard supplied with 3 cutters
  8. Any standard rotor can be fitted to the machine
  9. Machines are sold excluding the rotor.  The rotor can be supplied, if requested

Barley Twist   Although the machine can do several functions, you can look at this example of a single twist with 20 mm radius and outside diameter of 180mm.  This can be done to a length of 1.2 meters.

We have got a full production line running and we are capable of making 10 machines per month.

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Contact Information

Please contact Rhynardt Beck for more information or a price list


+27 22 5331 555 
+27 82 877 7077 



022 5331 555 
082 877 7077

(South Africa)


+27 22 4333 899 (International)


022 4333 899 (South Africa)



Postal address

P.O. Box 474
Republic of South Africa

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